The lawyers at Herrick & Herrick, P.C. have over twenty five years of experience working with small businesses and over five years’ experience working in the Cannabis arena.  We pride ourselves in focusing on startups, new businesses and businesses growing to a midsize business and beyond.  We can help with all the unexpected growing pains faced by entrepreneurs and small businesses.  We have spent decades helping our clients with the legal issues often unique to their particular business.  We work with small businesses that we know can’t afford corporate legal fees and provide quality and professionalism for a reasonable price. 

Our lead Attorney, Mark Herrick, has an MBA and has worked as a General Counsel for many small businesses, owned small businesses, and of course represented countless small businesses.  Having been involved in small to medium sized business from these different vantage points gives him a unique expertise in helping new, small and growing clients with their legal issues and needs.

1)    Organization:  We help clients choose the best legal organization for their business. i.e.  Do you want to be unincorporated, a partnership, limited partnership, Limited Liability Corporation or a full Corporation?  If you choose to be a full Corporation then we can help decide if you want to be listed with the IRS as an S Corp or C Corp.

2)    Organizational paperwork:  We can help small business draft the initial documentation required for the type of organizations listed above: Articles of Organization, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, etc.

3)    Compliance with local jurisdictions:  You need to know that you are compliant with the local city and county laws for small businesses such as business licenses, business zoning (can your business be located where you want to be) and other local issues.

4)    Establishing an office: We help new business with leasing, purchasing, and other related issues with establishing an office space.  If you are purely web based we can help you with where to register your business and make sure you web base business is compliant with the laws where you register.

5)    Employees: We can help with employment contracts, temporary workers, contracts, payroll issues and many other HR issues.

6)    Issue with law enforcement: Although Hemp is federally legal and THC has been made legal in many states, many local jurisdictions are very hostile to any Cannabis presence.  Knowing where to open your business, where you can deliver your products to, and what jurisdictions you can transport your products through is very important.  Local law enforcement can shut down your business and seize your products just because they don’t think it should be legal.  Knowing where to set up shop and where to send your products is something Herrick & Herrick specializes in.

7)    Issues with service providers: Securing other business services for CBD and THC can also be difficult.  Many other businesses won’t work with you because they are hostile to Cannabis.  Where to obtain bank accounts, merchant banking with debit and credit card processing, various forms of insurance, and other services for your CBD or THC practice is another area that Herrick and Herrick specializes in.

8)    General small business needs: We can help with a myriad of issues small business face with marketing, sales, financing issues etc.  If you are facing a small business legal problem chances are we have experience with that issue and can help you in a cost effective way.